England is bowing to Vardymu. The Leicester striker surpassed Van Nistelrooije

It was August 29, Leicester was just playing the Bournemouth rookie on the pitch. He was losing. But four minutes before the end, he was released by the striker Jamie Varda. He was fouled in the penalty area, he himself took the ball and made an uncompromising shot of the penalty. And not only that. Vardy, at the smallest stadium in which he played the Premier League this year, laid the cornerstone of the record.

Three months have passed. Vardy scored during each league match played by Leicester. Three times out of the penalty, four times hit the last ten minutes. But the most difficult step was to be the last one. After ten matches in which Vardy scored among the shooters, the strong Manchester United stood against Leicester’s attack. Team with the best defensive in the competition.The team who only collected the last seven matches once, in best bet offers addition to the penalty.

However, the numbers of the coach of the coach Claudio Ranieri were not ignored. “We wanted Jamie to help the record,” admitted the satisfied Italian manager after the game.

After nearly twenty-five minutes of the game, it was successful. The home team’s supporters got back into the match. Goalkeeper Kasper Schemichel tossed the ball to Christiane Fuchs, who immediately called Vardy to score an accurate pass. The 28-year-old Englishman made the ball and beat David de Geu with a shot.

“Great Jamie!Now you are the leader and you deserve it, “said former Ruud van Nisterlooij during the game on the Twitter social network.” I’m really very happy, “said Varda himself, who played almost exactly the day four years ago for Fletwood against Gateshead in the 5th English League. With a 1: 1 draw, the match was watched by 768 spectators.

“I had a record in my head, but once the match starts, I do not think of it.It could have a negative effect on my and team performance, “continued Leicester, who is ahead of the Premier League milestone.

In 1932, Jimmy Dune of Sheffield United scoring twelve times in the highest English competition. “We believe he will shoot,” Leicester manager wished.

“He is absolutely incredible what he has done and how quickly he has grown into a really great player. It’s not just about shooting goals, but his teamwork sports personality betting is quite exemplary, “he praised his jewel Ranieri.

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