Hossa katom bělasých, the winning series of Slovan has canceled three points!

BRATISLAVA – Hockey players from Bratislava played in the KHL quarter-match at Slovnaft Arena with the Latvian team Dinamo Riga 3: 4 and have interrupted the series of four home games.

The match was attended by a short ceremony when the legend of Slovak ice hockey and Slovan Bratislava, Ján Masty, celebrating jubilee 80 years, took home jersey with the number 80 and consecrated festive bulls. After it began to rise, when in the 50s.Seconds was in the promising position of Bukarts, but scorned a chance. “Belasi” responded by numbering 2 to 1, after which Hudacek shot down the Dinama goal. In the 10th minute he could open the score J. Mikus, but after the lap Bartovič failed to defeat the puck flight. Another excellent pass of Captain Slovan was already leading the home, on the 13th minute Bartovič put the puck on the podium Netíkovi and the Czech legionary shot into the uncovered goal of his seventh tohtosezónny goal. Rizania responded with a massive offensive and Janus faced one shot after another. In the 15th minute, Kuzmenkovs was eliminated by Wilson, who was just over Bukarts.The home team did not know what to do before, but Dinamo players have put many times into the ideal positions in the shooting trapeze and the danger has gone to the last minute.
At the beginning of the second third, , already in the 22nd minute after the great action Vondrku knocked the puck into the network Miklík – 2: 0. The guests provoked a lot of activity and in less than two minutes they reduced their status thanks to Marcel Hossu, who sent the puck between Janus’ concrete and his home Bližňák. It was relatively clean after 29 minutes after the first defeat came when Daňa fouled Rekis. Jirinš and Jaroslav offered a two-fold advantage when Slovans pushed Tellqvista into the penalty bench.On the 2: 3 side, guests also dropped the lead in Robinson’s, which was jammed by Janus. Riga then closed home in their defensive zone, Slovan relied on brejky. In the 38th minute, Hudáček, who sent the passage Štajnoch, came in with the home attacker, put Tellqvista, but the puck did not beat his concrete. This was a punishment – in the 39th minute Wilson pushed the puck behind Janus’s back and was balanced. Dinamu was shocked and in the third third they also got the fourth goal. Janus did not defeat the defensive puff in the 47th minute, defended Robinson and finished 3: 4. The home was then attacked, the good action was Daňo, but the score did not change.(1: 0, 2: 3, 0: 1)

Slovan Bratislava – Dinamo Riga 3:

< Miklós) - 24. Hossa (Wilson, Pavlovs), 35. Robinson (Wilson, Hossa), 39. Wilson (Hossa), 47. Robinson (Szczechura). They decided: Naumov, Sergeyev - Misjur, Raming, 2: 5 in 2 minutes, power play: 1: 1, weaknesses: 0: 0, changes and substitutions: from 41. min Mihálik instead of Kutlák, guests from 41 min without Niživijsa , 10.055 spectators.

Slovan Bratislava: Janus – Skoula, Kutlak, Sersen, Moses, Stajnoch, Sigalet – Netik, J. Mikus, Bartovich – Miklik, Oljecky, Vondrka – Kukumberg , Bližňák, Hudáček – R.

Dinamo Riga: Tellqvist – Ozolinš, Rekis, Robinson, Pujacs, Sotnieks, K. Redlihs – Pavlovs, Wilson, Hossa – Indrašis, Szczechura, Niživijs – Meija, Djerin, Bukarts – Skvorcovs, Kuzmenkovs, Upitis

Rostislav Čada (coach of Slovan): so we did a good duel, but unfortunately we did not have the physical strength in defensive activity, we were fighting for the end of the duel and I think we deserved at least a point. “

Abols (coach of Dinamo Riga): “We knew what we could expect from Slovan.” He made four victories at home, and it took 30 minutes for us to play our game. rotate matches.Our best player is Marcel Hossa. “

Michel Miklik (Slovan striker): ” We entered the duel, . Unfortunately, we did not, even though the course was good, we scored goals and we did. Sorry, we could not keep it. Fatigue is definitely something, but we do not allow it. The opponent is also tired.

Marcel Hossa (Dinamo Riga striker): “We are starting to play badly and play well from the 2nd. thirds, that Slovan did not expect. We’re glad we won, but it was not easy. We win our confidence with every winning match.On the ice and out of it we have a great game and today we have it. “

Martin Škoula, defender of Slovan: ” We had a better lead, not only to defend, but to try to be active and to keep leadership. At 2: 0 and 3: 1 we thought it was done and it came back to us.

Milan Bartovich, Captain of Slovan: “These two games are terribly many, we played for three lanes and some players already had enough. However, I do not want to go for it. We had enough chances in the second third to make the match in our favor. We did not get it, we got three goals, and we’re finally going without a point. “

Meeting time:


1.minute – The original throwing was for John the Elder, who celebrated his 80th birthday

6. minute – The first few minutes brought a fought match with a lot of inaccuracies, without any serious chances, Riga led 4: 3. The shares were attracted by the combination of Bližňák and Kukumberg.

minute – on the left, Hudacek got the band, the defenders all stopped his action and after an uninterrupted pass was followed by a throw in the defense zone of Riga.

10. minute – hockey art was handed over to Captain Hosts Ozolinš. With the puck, after Janus’s goal after a separate action, he moved up to the blue line, his pass, but his teammate did not work 13.

minute – goal of Slovan. After Bartovič’s pass, Netík was in front of the revealed Tellqvista gate, with a shot from the first passing by Švéda in the gate of Riga, Slovan leads 1: 0

15th minute – after the goal is collected, the initiative is captured by the guests, the shot of Bukards after the passage from behind the gate was above 19

19. minute – Riga threatened two times, the side of the net was first wound and a few seconds later it missed the Buckarts centimeter end.

20. minute – The end of the first third, which was marked by a number of inaccuracies and few goal chances. Riga won 17:10, but Slovan managed to score 1-0. The second third starts at about 20:20.


22ndminute – Goal of Slovan.


24th minute – Goal of Riga.

minute – – playing again in full, spectators amused the crash of two attacking guests on the offensive blue line.

35. minute Riga goal. Exclusion Moses punished Riga lightly. After six seconds of power, he drops to 3: 2 Robinson.

minute – a huge chance of Hudáček, after a long crash of defense he found himself in front of the goal, but the bluff ended with a shot in the side net 39

39. minute – goal of Riga .In the unclear situation in front of Janus, Wilson was best placed. The third point was scored by Hoss.


41st minute – Slovan will play a power play, Pavlovs is excluded.

47. minute – goal of Riga . Slovan plays for the first time. Janusa crossed Robinson with a shot.

48. minute – Slovan has a good chance to make up, Sotnieks is sitting on the bench Saker

51. Minute – the powerless game ended, after a rapid counterattack by Hudáček next to 57

57. minute – Riga is clearly focused on defending the lead, Slovan has a problem in the assault zone. The match is watched by 10,055 spectators.Chad trainer took a break.

60. Minutes – In the last few seconds, Slovan did not reach the pressure, on the contrary, Hossov attempted to empty the gate only the side net