In cross country triumph French Bresset, Števková 21.

LONDON – French mountain biker Julie Bresset (23) won a gold medal in the cross country at OH 2012 in London. The Saint-Brieuc native beat the 29.3 km long track with a 1: 2-minute lead in front of the 2008 gold prospect of Germany by Sabine Spitz. Bronze fought American Georgia Gould. Slovenka Jana Števková (36) cast 21.A place with a loss of 8:13 min on Bresset.

Tomas Legnavsky’s coach’s upgrading of his Olympic maxims from Beijing Has fulfilled the stated goal.In Athens 2004 the race did not finish for technical problems.

Števková arrived in London at the last minute instead of Danka Annika Langvanová, Marathon has logged off for injury. The member of the CK Epic Dohňany division, thanks to the quality finishing at the end of the race, surpassed Poland’s Paul Goryck and Slovenia by Blaže Klemenčicová and from the first twenty she was in the finish for only 39 seconds. Bresset immediately got to the front of the race and gradually increased Your lead. The French managed to get the first place without any major problems until the finish. I’m disappointed by 9.Catherine of Peking 2008 Polska Wloszczowski did not start for injury, Bronze from China of Russia Irina Kalantieva classed in 4th place.

Bresset is a double champion of the rankings of the International Cycling Union of Canadian Catharine Pendrel. The world from Champéry 2011 (relay, women under 23) and Europe from Dohnian 2011 (relay, women under 23).

“I am very happy. I was a winner of the medal, but the gold is unbelievable, but it was a good start and I was well on my forefront, and I have this triumph for my family, especially for my parents.I sent a big kiss to everyone who was watching me, “said Julie Bresse, who won the first cross country medal in France after the race.

Satisfied, I managed to fulfill such a big dream – I started again at the Olympics and again I improved. It was a pity that there was no more time to test the track, it could be up to twenty, it was within range. Before the races, I was a bit afraid of whether I did not do the training in the last few days, but everything was okay. In the first round I started carefully, moving somewhere around 25-26. Then I moved up to eighteenth bar, but in the third circle I was again walking a few bars back. The conclusion came out then.Overall, I can rate my performance positively, the final twenty-first place corresponds to my expectations, “Janka Števková said.

Cross Country Mountain Biking: Bresset (Fr.) 1:30:52 h, 2. Sabine Spitz (DE) 1:31:54, 3. Georgia Gould (USA) 1:32:00, 4. Irina Kalantievova (RUS) 1:32 : 33, 5. Esther Suss (Switzerland) 1:32:46, 6.

Alexandra Engen (Sweden) 1:33:08, 7. Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Poland) 1:33:20, 8. Annie Lastová V. Brit.) 1:33:47,…21.Janka Števková (SR) 1:39:05

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