In Östersund gold for Leguellec, Slovaks without points

ÖSTERSUND – The 27-year-old Canadian Jean Philippe Leguellec has become the unexpected winner of the 10 km race of men’s speed races in the first round of the Biathlon World Cup in Östersund, Sweden.

About 18 seconds slower was Alexis Boeuf’s silver from France, the Austrian won the bronze by Christoph Sumann.

The Slovaks did not succeed. Not one of Manfred Geyer’s co-quartet coach in a 103-member startup field got to score points. The best of all was Tomas Hasilla, who finished seventy-four.

you stepped onto the top level. He took advantage of flawless shooting, and he was one of the fastest.Alexis Boeuf’s second year is also the second best career outcome for a year younger. A generation older 37 years old (born January 19, 1976) Christoph Sumann enjoyed his medal fame for sixteen times.

Shooting in the stand has become a “grave” for a number of favorites. France Fourcade’s champion Martin Fourcade and Nor Emil Hegle Svendsen had three 150-meter-long penalties, unarmed king biathlon Ole Einar Björndalen four, and Sweden’s Carl Johan Bergman even shot a single target and rounded off five times.

The Slovaks after the excellent results in the endurance races have to meet this time in the middle of the result list. Tomáš Hasilla with 47 penalties.Martin Otčenáš, with three inaccurate shots, was the fiftieth first, Matej Kazar with four shooting defeats two corners behind him. Miroslav Matiaško also made four rounds and did not qualify until Sunday’s fighter races, where he will show the 60 best of the sprint – classifying him at 62nd position.
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Speed ​​Racing at 10km:
Canadian Jean Philippe Leguellec (Canada) 25: 10.4 min (0 penalties), 2. Alexis Boeuf (Fr . +18.1 (1), 3. Christoph Sumann (Austria) +24.8 (1), 4. Florian Graf (DE) +29.9 (1), 5. Henrik L’Abee-Lund (NOR) +32.2 (1), 6. Simon Eder (AUT.) +35.3 (0) and Emil football betting offers Hegle Svendsen (NOR) +35.3 (3),…47. Tomáš Hasilla +1: 50.3 (2), 51. Martin Otčenáš +2: 02.8 (3), 53. Matej Kazár +2: 05.2 (4), 62.Miroslav Matiaško (all SR) +2: 21,4 (4)

Ranking in SP after the second race of the 26 scheduled
Martin Fourcade (Fr. 91 points, 2. Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway) 81, 3. Erik Lesser (DE) 75, 4. Dominik Landertinger (Austria) 73, 5. Alexis Boeuf (Fr.) 72, 6. Jevgenij Ushtugov .) 70,…26. Miroslav Matiaško 28, 31. Matej Kazár (both SR) 24

Ranking in speed races:
Canadian Jean Philippe Legianlec (Canada) 60 points, 2. Alexis Boeuf (Fr.) 54, 3. Christoph Sumann (Austria) 48, 4. Florian Graf (DE) 43, 5. Henrik L’Abee-Lund 40, 6. Simon Eder (Austria) and Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway) both after 38

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