Reborn Nadal. Will Masters Win? The champion was also hired by Berdych

It was the beginning of October 2015. Nadal, the former tennis king, had been struggling for months. He lost in the quarterfinals of his beloved Roland Garros, already in the second round of Wimbledon, only a round later on the US Open. He has not defeated an elite of ten since May.

When he came 15 October. Nadal stepped up against the then 9th World Milos Raonic. He won 6: 3, 7: 6. He then added the triumph over Stan Wawrinka, who was on the fourth place at that time.

Nadal’s Big Words Do not Wait

Nadal’s self-confidence, so overwhelmed by unusually frequent losses throughout the year, has begun to rise. Qualified for the Champions Tournament.In Basel he then played a finals with Federer.

And he stepped into it with a strong, convincing win over Wawrinka. “I think you missed me more than I am,” the Spaniard smiled at the audience after the first triumph.

But his march continued on. He consulted with home Andy Murray. And on Friday, after a handsome battle, David Ferrer’s compatriot was just over.

Just Nadal and Federer, old rivals, are still defeated at the Championship Tournament. Not the superfamily of Novak Djokovic.

But big words? Do not wait for Nadal. It will be praised, yes. But then he adds modestly, “I’m delighted.I want to try to go on the same path to confirm that I’m going in the right direction. “

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After months when he could not defeat an opponent of the top ten, he beat three in five days. From his inconspicuous favorite he became a real candidate for the title of the Champions Tournament. “It can definitely prove it,” Federer said.

He was not the only one from whom similar words came from. When Tomas Berdych was supposed to say “Masters,” he replied, “I’ve always said Roger, so try something else. Rafa looks very good. But anything can happen. “Nadal has already won three valuable prizes, but on Saturday there is another heavy-handed battle, probably the most challenging.He calls World No. 1 Novak Djokovic (23-22 for Nadal), which he last defeated last June at Roland Garros. But since then he has not played a set in three games.

“How to play Novak? The simplest tactic is to play very, very well. And then there are always a few things you need to watch out for against some tennis players, “Nadal said. “I know what to play against Novak. But it will be very difficult to realize. “

But if he can do it, he will finish his uprising in style.