Straňovský will be dealing with Leon, he is wrong with the footballer

BARCELONA – Martin Straňovský (26) until the end of the previous year he worked in Reale Ademar León. He is currently preparing his second week for the upcoming season on the Barcelona Intersport Grand Prix. He knew about his first impressions of his new work in an interview with the Pravda newspaper.

“It’s great here, I feel great, I knew I was going to a professionally functioning club. incomparably better than Leona I do not talk about money now, in Spain feel the crisis It’s definitely not Germany, there’s more to be done The club’s running, organization, teamwork, player care, training, etc. are all in Barcelona For example, with León, we have always traveled by buses for the matches, and in Barcelona we fly.The other thing is that we are only expecting victories. That’s what Xavi Pasqual has repeatedly rehearsed in the preparation. This is also why wages are lower because players can earn on bonuses. “

he did not stay with his previous employer at the best, because of the unpaid finance. “Ademar León has remained owed to me and it will not change in the coming months. Now my lawyer has a problem in my hands, we’ve moved the whole case to court. He will be in December.In Leona they told me that they would not even deal with it, they would have financial problems and would prefer to pay players who are currently active in the club. “ I hope that I will finally get them,” is not a hope for a new-born kid.

” Football is the number one sport here. After I arrived in Barcelona, ​​I chose to buy a jersey in the club’s shop, which I promised to an autistic boy in our country. There were a lot of people out there, and they immediately threw themselves on me, asking for autographs, thinking I was a footballer.I’d rather go away quickly, “ revealed Straňovský.